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Russia the Beautiful

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Vorkuta - city frozen in Soviet times

Vorkuta is a coal-mining town in the Komi Republic, Russia, situated just north of the Arctic Circle in the Pechora coal basin at the Usa River. "67th parralel. Vorkuta" You can get there by plane or by train from Moscow or St. Petersburg, but they don't depart daily. "Vorkuta mines the future of

The best photos of Russia

These are the photos shot by participants of the exhibition "Primeval Russia". They were taken all over the Russia - from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. 1. Gennadiy Yusin. Mutual liking   2. Alexander Yermolitskiy. Adygeya   3. Gennadiy Yusin. What a catch!   4. Sergey Gorshkov. Waterfalls of Plutorana

Russian Edition - Chandelier Sia Cover

Russian 12-year-old boy Georgiy Dolgolenko sang Sia's hit Chandelier accompanied by folk style music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHMTsuugk3I

Maslenitsa: Russian pagan spring festival

Russia's Pancake Week, begins in Russia on Feb. 16 this year. People are preparing for the arrival of spring by gathering with relatives to eat pancakes. Typically, Maslenitsa is celebrated with sledding, burning scarecrows, and bonfire jumping. Photo: hdwallpapersfactory.com “Maslenitsa” — a

Everything you wanted to know about Russian pancakes

Pancakes are certainly one of the most widely known Russian dishes in the world. They were spread among all the Eastern Slavs, for whom the dish had a ritual meaning in pre-Christian times. Russia Beyond the Headlines created this infografic with the most important things to know about Maslenitsa.

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